Does Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box Work? Vin DiCarlo Exposed…

Is Pandora’s Box System Legit?

Vin DiCarlo recently released a series of of ebooks called Pandora’s Box.

Vin Dicarlo’s Pandora’s Box immediately captured my attention, as the thought of being able to read a woman’s mind based on her personality type is sure to intrigue any guy with a pulse.

Even before Vin DiCarlo released Pandora’s Box I was beginning to realize that there were some striking differences between many of the women I was approaching and hitting on.  And I also noticed that many of the girls also shared some similarities.  And was sure that if I could quickly sum up her personality type I would be able to predict her every move.

With Pandora’s box, Vin DiCarlo takes it one step further.  He actually figured out 8 specific personality types of women.  A simple quiz he includes with the program, along with the literature on each type, will enable you to quickly identify which type a woman is.

And I have to say… It is SHOCKINGLY ACCURATE.

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Pretty much any girl I have come across has fallen into one of the 8 types that Vin has laid out in the Pandora’s box ebook program.  And it is not at all difficult to predict which type a woman is.

The fun starts

The fun begins once you have identified which type a woman is, because Vin gives you a concrete game plan for dealing with each type of girl.

He shows you have to:

  • How to approach each diffferent type
  • How to flirt with each different type
  • What each type is attracted to
  • What each type is turned of by
  • How they respond to sexual advances differently

For instance, I met a girl who fit into the type Vin refers to as “The Modern Woman” and I knew from reading Pandora’s Box that “The Modern Woman” needs to feel the illusion that she is in control.  Her views on getting sexual are completely different then a woman who is what Vin refers to as “The Private Dancer.”

Once you realize this… you will become aware of how many girls you messed up with just because you handled them the wrong way.

A lot of guys do this because they might have dated a couple girls who were one “type” and assume all girls respond to the same thing.  They DON”T.

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Just the tip of the iceburg

Vin DiCarlo’s Pandora’s Box is JAM PACKED with Mind Blowing information on female psychology.  And there is no way I could describe how in depth the program is in a few short paragraphs….

But let’s put it this way, after learning each of the types, and the psychology behind each time, you’ll find:

  • Girls will accuse you of reading their mind (happened to me a few times already)
  • Women will make excuses to come and talk to you more because they feel like you completely understand them
  • Female friends will begin looking at you in a new way (I blew it with a female friend years ago… and understand now exactly how I could have proceeded in a way that allowed me to sleep with her… and have her think it was her idea)
  • You’ll know how to control the ‘follow up’ game better… knowing what sort of text and phone call frequency she will respond best to

While this review of Pandora’s Box only gives a brief summary and description of the product, I assure you that if you go through the entire program and don’t learn a shit load more about women psychology than you must be from another planet.

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